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Meet the photographer - Ron Lehmer

Ron Lehmer has been regularly photographing trains since the late Seventies, though his love of trains seems to go back to when he was 1 and his parents gave him a rubber squeaky toy in the shape of a steam engine. Ron grew up in Berkeley, CA, moved to Los Angeles for grad school and ultimately moved back to the Bay Area for a long career as a NASA contractor. His photographic journey has been to photograph operations across North America, but given the choice, Ron would spend his time in the deserts of the Pacific Southwest or the Columbia River gorge, where the vastness of the landscape can swallow up a train and the starkness of the background provides the perfect setting for the struggle of the train to overcome gravity, friction, and inertia.

Ron has worked in three eras of photographic technology. Starting out, he shot film (Kodachrome 25 slides and Pan-X black and white) with Pentax K1000 manual SLR's but in the Nineties, family photography took precedent and he switched to print film with Point-and-Shoot cameras and later Sony and Nikon digital Point-and-Shoots. Finally, since 2015, Ron has been using Nikon DSLR's (D90, D3200, and D5600).

Ron Lehmer has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and works for a government contractor, primarily on tasks for NASA and the FAA. Ron currently resides in Berkeley, CA.


Questions or comments: Contact Ron Lehmer.

Document last modified July 17, 2022.

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