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Union Pacific January 2011 Roster Changes

Helm Leasing lease (1 unit):
HLCX GP38-2 3839 (Note 1)

Helm Leasing lease return (1 unit):
HLCX GP38-2 336 (Note 1)

Renumbers (10 units):
HLCX 1082 (GP38M-2), renumbered from UP 1082 on 1/4/11
UP 1592 (SD40-2), renumbered from UP 3645 on 1/13/11 (Note 2)
UP 1598 (SD40-2), renumbered from UP 3409 on 1/14/11 (Note 2)
UP 1601 (SD40-2), renumbered from UP 3369 on 1/20/11 (Note 2)

1. Lease tradeout - HLCX 3839 replaces HLCX 336.
2. Part of SD40-2 Modernization program.

Copyright 2011 Sean Graham-White

This information has been originally published on the Yahoo LocoNotes by Sean Graham-White and is reposted here with his permission.

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Document last modified May 15, 2011.

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