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SP Photo Archive (1980 to 1984)

All photos by Ronald Lehmer

Copyright 1995-2004

Notice: These photos are for personal use and are not to be redistributed by electronic or other means without the express written approval of Ronald Lehmer.

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Niles in the old days. A OAWCY has stopped for orders at Niles Tower, lit by a glorious winter sun on December 1, 1984. Power is 7364-8887-7399-8381.
An OARVY backs down off the eastbound onto the Eastbound Electric to pick up its train by the old Ryerson Steel plant. Power on this Labor Day Sunday, September 2, 1984 is 3200-3199-4382-4311-4391-4376.
An OARVY is ready to go by the old Ryerson Steel plant. Power on this Labor Day Sunday, September 2, 1984 is 3200-3199-4382-4311-4391-4376.
The HOWCY arrives in a smoggy West Colton, CA on August 17, 1984 with GP38-2 4833 leading SD45T-2 9226 and SD45 9137. The 4833 had just recently been removed from its cocoon after several years of storage immediately after its delivery, thus explaining its nearly new appearance.
Big tonnage on Donner! 4 SD45's (7498-9230-9321-8996) lead a westbound freight over the trestle at Troy, CA. A three unit helper is buried half way back in this train. July 7, 1984.
SP GP9R 2875 leads DRGW GP40 3068 and B&O GP40 3779 eastbound on a SJRVY at Antelope on July 6, 1984. The blue B&O GP40 made several trips around California in July 1984.
SP SD7R 1504 and another SD7R drag the SJRVY with SP GP9R 2875, DRGW GP40 3068, and B&O GP40 3779 into Roseville Yard at Antelope on July 6, 1984.
SP B30-7 7880 and SD45T-2 9332 deliver an eastbound to Roseville on a warm June 23, 1984.
Returning to Portland on its 1984 tour, the SP 4449 pretends to be train number 10 as it picks up speed at Sunset-Whitney after leaving Roseville on the morning of June 23, 1984. The almost endless stream of fans is already on the road after it.
Having just shed its helper (SD40R 7330) from Dunsmuir to Mott, SP 4449 goes its alone at O'Brien on June 23, 1984. One of the best paint schemes ever!
In the failing light of May 13, 1984, a 75 car SP westbound is already pulling its heart out at Warren on the south slope of Tehachapi. Power is 8512-UP2510-9097-8244.
Four days later, on May 12, 1984, 4449 pretends to be the San Joaquin Daylight, but this time with a little help from experimentally painted SD45R 7399 and SD40R 7342. Seen here at Bealville, CA.
The 1984 tour SP GS-4 4449 finds it rolling through Shellmound, CA on a bright May 8, 1984.
The SJRVY of April 21, 1984 departs Emeryville with a interesting consist of 8521-UP3522-7483-UP2875-8989. SP8989 is actually dead in consist with its windows boarded-up, headed for the Sacramento Locomotive Works and the SD45R rebuild program.
Under the old Addison Street signal bridge, an SP eastbound roars through town with 4339-8270-3838-4312-3348-3778 on April 21, 1984.
Spring rains have relented enough to let the crew of this San Jose Turn to get through their run without getting (too) wet. SD9E 4342 and unrebuilt, low-nose switcher GP9 2890 have 38 cars in tow as it crosses Market Street headed for Jack London Square. April 19, 1984.
In the old days, the weekend San Jose Turn always was the dominion of the commute fleet and anything else that the SP wanted to keep close to home base. Here a mixed up consist of SD9's 4391 and 4376, split by SW1500 2684, and trailed by GP40P-2 3199 and torpedo GP9 3189 bring 92 cars into Oakland on the SJRVY. April 19, 1984.
SP 4391-4376-9117 drag a SJRVY out of Oakland on April 19, 1984.
SSW9395 and SP7325 lift 73 beet racks out of Oakland on a WJBKQ. The train will take these empty beets to the West Side Line to distribute at Los Banos and Dos Palos load outs. April 19, 1984.
An AVBAT rolls through Berkeley on March 24, 1984 with 9071 and 4322.
Early in the morning of February 25th, 1984, a westbound freight wakes the wildlife at Elkhorn Slough south of Watsonville. 9171-9350-SSW9269-9334 bring 78 cars into Watsonville. This train will spend the morning switching the yard and making a crew change before proceeding.
Later in the morning of February 25th, 1984, a CZLAT, which is primarily a priority lumber train rather than a trailer train, rounds the big curve in Elkhorn Slough with 8314-7368-9200-7372 in the lead of 82 cars.
Slipping away from their usual winter duty, 2 "Breaker 9's, " 4305 and 4438, lead a 41 car OAMJN past the Ryerson Steel plant in Emeryville on their way to a trip on the Mococo Line, Tracy, and the Central Valley. These two SD9's have icicle breaking antlers that are folded down here. February 4, 1984.
February 4th, 1984 finds SD45R 7467 and SD45T-2 9370 leading an OAWJY through West Oakland.
SW1200's 2284 and 2278 are temporarily stored serviceable at the West Oakland diesel shop. With the slow contraction of yard and local switching in the Bay Area, SP's collection of NW2, SW8, SW900E, and SW1200 switchers slowly departed during the 1980's. October 1, 1983.
SW1200 2281 uses its unique SP light package for its mainline run on the Richmond Drag as it comes into Oakland. October 1, 1983.
A BAESF blasts through the Sierra foothills at Newcastle with 7315-8518-8950 on the point and 4 more big motors cut in two-thirds back. September 3, 1983.
The power from a local comes out of the Antelope end of the Roseville Yard with 3 SD9E's (4357-4361-4374) and Amtrak F40PHR 253, which probably encountered mechanical problems somewhere up the line. September 3, 1983.
Another load of Pacific Northwest lumber rolls through Black Butte, CA on August 21, 1983. A well powered MERVY (Medford to Roseville) passes the eastbound control signal there with 7438-9227-9166-8553-8567-9137-9341-UP3179.
SP SD9E's 4337 and 4386 lead an string of 42 empty cement hoppers on an OAMJN out of Oakland on its way to back to the cement plants near Mojave on August 9, 1983.
On August 9th, 1983, the OAWCY trundles through Jack London Square with SD9E's 4392 and 4311 leading larger SD's SSW9392, 8312, and 9074. With 33 cars out of Oakland, the OAWCY would usually work the Warm Springs Yard, dropping off the auto racks before continuing down the Milpiltas Sub to San Jose and then the Coast Line to LA and West Colton.
The 1st LABAT bangs across the WP diamonds at Magnolia Tower headed for its final destination of the Desert Yard. SP 9240-7457-9184 have this 59 car train from the Coast Line well in hand on this August 9th, 1983.
While the LABAT rolls on the mainline on the far right, the RGOAF comes out to double over the head end of its train at the Homestead end of the West Oakland yard. SD40T-2's 8338 and 8290 and SD45T-2 9200 have brought this train over the Overland and the Cal-P from its connection with the Rio Grande at Salt Lake. August 9th, 1983.
SP 7662-7620-7463-SSW9279 bring a WCPXY out to Loma Linda, where three more motors will be added to the head end. August 4, 1983.
Three classic SP faces are lined up on the ready tracks at the West Colton Diesel Shop. SD40R 7328 shows off its full SP light package, while SW1500 2622 is tucked away between 7328 and uniquely bare faced SD38-2 2975. SP's SD38-2's, bought especially for the West Colton hump, never received the full light package, only a standard dual beam headlight in the nose. April 1, 1982.
Rebuilt GP9E 3406 sits in the rain with sister 3397 at West Colton on April 1st, 1982. These old Los Angeles-based warriors always looked good, with their full light packages and their clean paint jobs.
Here is an amazing Loma Linda Helper for SP's San Timeteo Canyon. B30-7's 7854 and SSW7795 are paired up with U33C's 8771 and 8592. April 1, 1982.
Two tunnel motors (8341 and 9247) drag an OASJY (Oakland-San Jose) out of the Homestead with 71 cars. March 5, 1982.
Expressing 30 years difference in EMD switcher design, SW8 1123 and SW1500 2668 trundle back through the Magnolia interlocking after conducting some switching in East Oakland. March 5, 1982.

A westbound train rolls past Jorgensen Steel in Oakland with 8506-2637-3803-4440. February 27, 1982.

Another shot of SP 8506 West. February 27, 1982.
On February 26th, 1982, SD40T-2's 8543 and 8363 have an SJASY (San Jose to Alton & Southern (St. Louis)) in charge as they avoid a baggage cart on the platform at 16th Street.
On February 26, 1982, a 2-LABAT has come up the Coast with a full brace of 20 cylinder power; SD45's 9030, 8941, and 8807, and SD45T-2 9176. This could have been from any time in the decade before this photo was taken.
An eastbound at 85th Avenue in East Oakland is headed for San Jose with SD40R 7352, SD45T-2 9323, and UP SD40-2 3766. January 19, 1982.
Later in the afternoon of January 8, 1982, a classic scene of a westbound SP rolling by the 16th Street station. SD45T-2's SP 9190 and SSW 9279 lead a short train.
SP GP35R 6306 has made a rare trip to Northern California with GP40-2 7616. West Oakland, December 15, 1981.
SP SD44R 7399 and SD40T-2 8493 bounce across the West Oakland Yard leads as they come out of the West Oakland diesel shop. These two engines are in charge of the OARVV on this cloudy December 13, 1981.
Up close rear view of SD44R 7399 at West Oakland, December 13, 1981.
SP SD44R 7399 and SD40T-2 8493 lead a OARVV through Berkeley, CA, on a rainy cool December 13, 1981.
Recently mated SP road slug set 7940-1600-7941 has cut off its train at West Oakland and has come out of the Homestead end of the yard to go back to the West Oakland diesel shop. The GP40-2's had been running in pairs since their delivery waiting for the Morrison-Knudsen rebuilt slugs (from U25B's) . Novemeber 25, 1981.
SP road slug 1600 at Homestead Yard, Oakland, CA, November 25, 1981.
SP road slug 1600 at Homestead Yard, Oakland, CA, November 25, 1981.
Another shot of the 7940-1600-7941 slug set. Oakland, CA, November 25, 1981.
Another shot of the 7940-1600-7941 slug set. Oakland, CA, November 25, 1981.
The OASJY departs Homestead Yard in Oakland with 7349-8370-3846-4358-4434-3803 and is passing SP 2573 switching on the next lead over. November 25, 1981.
SP GP9R 3803 with a few mates on an OASJY at Homestead Yard, Oakland, CA, November 25, 1981.
SSW B30-7 7788 shows off its sound baffles at West Oakland with 8830, 9226, and 9254.. Novemeber 25, 1981.
Another shot of SSW B30-7 7788. West Oakland, CA, November 25, 1981.
Later in the morning of November 25, 1981, SP SW1500 2573, a long time Bay Area resident, shows off its classic SP lines as it switches.
SP GP9E 3788 looks bald without its full light package; perhaps it was damaged and replacement gyralights were not readily available. In any case, its awaiting its next assignment at West Oakland with SD45 8887 and rebuilt SD45R 7401 on October 31, 1981.
SP U33C 8698 trails a SD45T-2 at Homestead Yard in Oakland on September 25, 1981. The yellow and orange is an indication of the unit's recent return from a lease to the National Railways of Mexico.
A westbound pulls out of the Homestead end of the West Oakland Yard with SP SD45's 9019 and 9046, SD40T-2 8513, and GP9E 3772 on September 22, 1981. Check out the large Santa Fe logo boxcars.
SP SD40R 7326 crosses the private crossing at 10th Street in West Oakland with a westbound off the Cal-P that includes SD45T-2 9320 and 26 cars. September 14, 1981.
A westbound Cal-P SP train works its way out of the Homestead end of the West Oakland Yard on September 14, 1981. SP SD40R 7331 leads SD40T-2 8506 and SD45 8967.
Another short westbound off the Cal-P is lead by SD45T-2's 9369 and SSW9262 and GP9E's 2873 and 3853 on September 14, 1981. 10th Street in West Oakland.
All of SP's Sulzer powered TE70-4S engines pull out of the Homestead end of the West Oakland Yard in mid-1980 after dropping off a BROAT. The Sulzer's didn't last very long; their paint job was definitely unique.
Roster shot of SP TE70-4S 7033 at Oakland, CA.
Another experimental paint job from 1980 is modeled by SD40R 7342 (and SP caboose #1 in the background). This original version (SD45R 7399 was the only other unit to be so painted) was special in that the hood lettering was red on this side and white on the other and the "bloody nose" was solid on one side and had wings on the other. For additional pictures, check out RailfanNet.
Broadside of SP GP40X 7200 (complete with factory "elephant ears") leading a OALAT out of West Oakland. c. 1980.
SP SW1200 2278 grinds around the wye at West Oakland on its way to the Desert Yard. SP SW1200's had most of the options that EMD could serve up (with the exception of Flexicoil trucks and dynamic brakes).
An SP sugar beet train moves south from Magnolia Tower onto Jack London Square. GP9E 3303 leads two SD45T-2's and those famous wood side beet racks.
SP SD7R 1508 and a GP9E come around the corner in front of the Santa Fe's Fullerton depot on the UP's Anaheim Branch in 1980. This location is where the overhead bridge is at the depot today. While a segment of the UP's branch reamins between Basta and Fullerton, it is now a car storage track connected to the Santa Fe's south main track.
SP SD40T-2 8539 leads a westbound freight through Jack London Square in 1980.
For you modelers, here is traditional SP cab 1021 going around the corner at Bay Street on its way to the Desert Yard. While SP's trademark bay window cabooses are well known, it also rostered some 200 traditional coupla cabooses modernized from the steam era.
In 1981, the SP could still field a great array of first generation power. Here 5 GP9E's round the corner at 10th Street in West Oakland and prepare to head east to pick up their train at the top of the Desert Yard. SP's rebuilt GP9's were the best of all GP9 rebuilds, since they kept their classic lines and the full SP headlights.

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