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UP in the Los Angeles Basin and Cajon Pass

Photo Archive

All photos by Ronald Lehmer

Copyright 1995-2005

Notice: These photos are for personal use and are not to be redistributed by electronic or other means without the express written approval of Ronald Lehmer.

Other UP photo archives:

A loaded coal train enters the double track at Vail, CA on its way into East LA and then on to the LA Harbor for export. C40-8's 9311 and 9276 lead SD60M 6167 and C30-7 2495 and 103 loads on November 20, 1990.

On a hazy day in May 1992, the UP Harbor Switcher is about to cross Hobart Junction. UP GP40 870, later rebuilt as a 2500 class GP40, leads 4 motors off a earlier coal train (6002-6249-6168-6140) that had gone down the Harbor Sub.
The BNSF's SLACCHF has a lashup with a confused personality. Borrowed UP SD70M 4945 leads FURX 7288 and 7238 spliced by BNSF SD45-2 6496. Seen here on the BNSF at Los Nietos on April 26th, 2003.
UP GP40X 5504 has also stopped turning its wheels for a few hours at Dolores on May 28, 1998. These engines are on there fourth numbers, starting out as 9000-9005, then 90-95, then 954-959 (and then losing one to an accident), and now 5500-5504.
CNW Operation Life Saver engine 6930 makes an appearance at Dolores, CA. April 29, 1998.
CNW GE's 8650-8651-8706 roll along next to Alameda St. entering Compton, CA. March 22, 1998.
OK, so this isn't actually a UP unit, but another definite curiousity. HLCX 3201 and 3203 were routed over the former SP from the Los Angeles Harbor to St. Louis. These units seem to be former Kaiser Bulk Terminals units. Now, if you look carefully, you'll see that HLCX3201 has the upper half of its cab in primer brown, due to the fact that this part of the cab was grafted back on since the unit was "topless" for many years so that it would fit through the rotary dumper at Kaiser. Seen here at Dolores, CA on March 10, 1998, HLCX3201 only made it as far as Los Nietos, CA by March 22 due to some missing components.
HLCX3203 appears to be a reasonably normal SW1500 until you realize that it has an old style (pre-1966) EMD switcher cab, rather than the angular cab found on HLCX3201. This would go into the "unlikely to be confused with anything else" file. Dolores, CA, March 10, 1998.
UP AC4400CW(U) 7049 waits with two companions at the former SP Long Beach yard for another coal train to be empties at Kaiser Bulk Terminal or Metropolian Stevedore. February 28, 1998.
CSX C40-8W's 7851 and 7817 and UP GP50 983 roll a stack train on the Puente Branch between Los Nietos and Studebaker. The train will shortly make the turn onto the Patata Line and head towards Firestone and ultimately, Dolores on this fine October 5, 1997.
UP's three E-units (951-963B-949) haul a UP inspection special of the former SP's Sunset Route. Photographed at Montclair on the SP side (the UP line parallels about 100 feet to the south) on the morning of March 19, 1997.
UP 5518 (ex-CNW GP50) and 3928 (ex-MKT SD40-2) bring a LAAP out of Los Angeles. At the end of double track at Vail Ave. in Commerce, February 18, 1997.
Sunday, September 15, 1996 finds UP Olympic Special engine 1996 loafing at East Yard. Shortly after this picture, it and its sister 1896 were repainted and renumbered to 3100-3101.
A northbound coal empty operates on the San Pedro Branch through Paramount, CA on January 15, 1996. Lashup has no UP units: Morrison-Knudsen MK5000C 9902 - Conrail SD60 6857 - EMD SD70M 7022 with 81 empties.
The NPLAV rolls through Pico, CA over the Rio Hondo River with UP SD60M 6097 and C30-7 2516 leading a long string of auto racks. January 15, 1996.
Looking west just west of Pico siding, the LAKCV of December 21, 1995 returns empty auto racks to the midwest. Power is 2437-680-3681-CR552.
An eastbound UP train with 5029-6000-6216 climbs Cajon Pass at Devore, CA. February 18, 1995.

Another slow, heavy eastbound UP train has made it to Cajon Summit on a warm August 17, 1984. SD40-2's 3749 and 3605 and U30C 2957 have 67 cars in tow.

Brand new UP C40-8's 9102 and 9110 lead an eastbound around the curve east of Cajon Summit on December 12th, 1987. This 20 car hot train has definitely had a quick trip up the hill.
Sunrise at Cajon Summit, November 7, 1987. An eastbound coal empties has just made the summit with SD60's 6005 and 6006.
An eastbound coal train with UP SD40-2 3525 and 3823 spliced by GE Super 7 prototype 3004 departs Victorville on May 11, 1991.
Close up view of Super 7 GECX 3004 at Victorville on May 11, 1991.
Oft seen but not always photographed, an Extra Pedro Hauler with SD40-2's 3308 and 3680 and 79 loads of export coal pass Hobart Tower on January 5, 1991.
One of the multitude trains in a Saturday morning rush on Cajon, an eastbound pig train with five UP SD40-2's (3363-3374-3425-3665-3589) roaring through Summit in a cloud of sand and exhaust on August 18, 1984. This is early Eighties classic UP railroading in LA.
A UP coal train howls downgrade at Verdemont on August 17, 1984 with UP 3499-3509-3374-3363 on the point and Victorville helpers 3722-3723 on the tail end of 85 loads of coal.
A UP eastbound crests Cajon Pass at Summit with C30-7 2461 leading SD40-2-s 3293 and 3168 on a warm August 17, 1984.
A westbound UP train passesa bad-ordered car on the south set-out track at Cajon Summit on January 15, 1984. Power is 3654-3560-2465 with a relatively short 31 car train.
Three UP SD40-2's, 3672-3343-3700, blast up through Verdemont, CA with a string of empty coal hoppers on a relatively clear August 3rd, 1983.

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