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UP Mojave (Tehachapi) and Fresno Subdivisions

Photo Archive

All photos by Ronald Lehmer

Copyright 1995-2005

Notice: These photos are for personal use and are not to be redistributed by electronic or other means without the express written approval of Ronald Lehmer.

Other UP photo archives:

A ZBRLA rolls through Soledad Canyon behind Metrolink 216 in the middle of the afternoon of Monday, August 4, 2003. Power is 4981-3163-5900 with 82 cars in tow.
UP 3911 forwards pile driver SPMW8003 and its little train of support cars through the Antelope Valley at Oban, CA on January 17, 2005. The pile driver is being taken to the Coast Line to work on wash outs between Santa Barabra and San Luis Obispo.
Another shot of UP3911 with pile driver SPMW8003. January 17. 2005.
SD60M's 2325 and 2233 have the Blitz Local well in hand at Rosamond, CA on January 17, 2005. So they don't have to run around their train, the crew has put a engine on each end of the train; with only 7 cars, two SD60M's is actually overkill, but it does make them more efficient.
A UP coal train sits in the siding at Fleta, CA on December 22, 1998 with a standard UP starter set of AC4400CW 6581, SD90/43MAC 8101 and SP AC4400CW 211.
Norfolk Southern SD70 2575 has probably worked in the mountains for most of her short career, but not these mountains and not this job. On October 11, 2004, she pulls out of the Mojave Yard with three cars for Lancaster and Palmdale on the old Blitz Local.
Norfolk Southern SD70 2575 leaves Mojave with three cars on the old Blitz Local and is already getting up to track speed. A BNSF stack train is transitioning from the BNSF main to the UP line in the background. October 11, 2004.
Another LOB83 brings a cut of empty cement up the grade from Mojave to Monolith. 6329-6211-2470 are working upgrade at Cameron on January 19, 2004.
UP 6329 leads an LOB83 as it delivers a cut of empties at Monolith. Empty cars are either gravity fed into the plant or are hostled by a Trackmobile. January 19, 2004.
An LOB83 completes its switching task at Monolith and is about to take a string of about a dozen loaded cement hoppers down the hill to Mojave. Power is 2465-2370-6272 on a bright May 24, 2004.
Three AC44CTE's, 5724-5743-5760, idle in the siding at Tehachapi Summit waiting for a new crew to come and continue its run north. With the tie replacement gang working on the north slope of the pass, the UP has elected to tie down several northbound freights along the line. January 17, 2005.
GEVO prototype AC45CTE 5698 roars through the curves out of Tunnel 10 in the Tehachapi's, with SD70M 4346 and former Rio Grande SD50 9850. Two AC44CTE's are pushing on 70 cars on a sunny January 17, 2005.
A northbound manifest rounds the coner at the south end of Woodford on a hazy October 11, 2004. Three GE's (5723-9768-5729) have 89 cars in tow, most of them empties.
A UP westbound rolls down hill through Woodford on the north slope of Tehachapi. Power on this nice October 18, 1999 is UP3306-UP2637-SP8153-SP6800.
A face of the future on Tehachapi. Two EMD leasers lead a UP train up the mountain at Woodford, CA on November 3, 1998.
A northbound rolls into Bealville on May 24, 2004 with 4046-6281-4831.
A UP northbound drifts down grade at Bealville powered by 8521-9311-9363-6275-6280-6049. October 8, 2001.
A MWCEU comes onto the double track at Bena and is a few minutes from a crew change at Bakersfield. Power is 5767-5736-9048 on September 15, 2003.
Out in the Central Valley, an auto train rolls through Cawelo, CA with 9467 and 9746 on October 14, 2002.
Renumbered GP40-2 1346 still wears its classic Rio Grande paint. Cawelo, CA, October 14, 2002.
A short northbound creeps through a slow order at Fairmead, CA with UP SD70M's 4659 and 4706 and HLCX SD40-2 6092 on June 20, 2005.
October 11, 1999 finds another EMD SD70M in the lead, this time in the Central Valley as a southbound UP train with EMD7017, SP9803, and UP3667 passes the Zacky Farms grain elevator at Traver, CA.
Freshly repainted UP B40-8's 5698 and 5629 handle the chore of a ribbon rail train at Malaga, CA, just south of Fresno on a bright October 11, 1999.

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Document last modified April 15, 2007.

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